My love for art began way back in elementary school drawing disney characters from VHS cassette covers with graphite pencils. With great trepidation, I exhibited my first piece in a children's art show in Cincinnati, Ohio where to my surprise won a first place ribbon. I was born and raised in Cincinnati till the age of 14. I then went on to Oldenburg Academy in Oldenburg, Indiana, an all girls catholic boarding school where I learned the basics of color theory, drawing and painting. My high school art teacher, Ms. Burroughs was fundamental in my development as an artist. She taught me the foundation of my skill set and encouraged my pursuit in the art world. Within the last year at the Academy in 1998, I placed first in the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra Art Competition with a painting of Violins. This piece exhibited throughout Indiana from 1998 to 2001. I continued on with my passion for fine arts through the University of Colorado at Boulder and spent a summer studying painting and art history abroad through the University of Georgia in Cortona, Italy. My piece "Le Celle" exhibited in a gallery in Cortona and went on to show at the University of Georgia in 2001. In 2003, I was a part of "Phantom Limb" at Sibell Wolle Gallery where I exhibited six children inspired watercolor pieces and completed my Bachelor of Fine Arts at the University of Colorado. I attained a second Bachelor's in the Science of Nursing at Platt College in 2008 during my hiatus away from painting. The birth of my daughter and life circumstances caused me to take a ten year unwanted break from painting.

My art work today is motivated by authentic life moments, imperfections, the raw beauty within nature and the conflicts of morality and strife in todays society. I am influenced from a variety of movements and genres such as the renaissance period, impressionism, surrealism , and eclectic abstract pieces. I am most influenced and awed by Steve Hanks a realistic watercolor painter . I strive to achieve his perfections in representing real life moments while at the same time venturing off to express controversial topics in other mediums. My job in healthcare has recently diverted my artwork into more abstract loose pieces. I have lived in Colorado since 1998 and currently reside in Westminster, CO where I am raising my daughter, practice nursing and continuously painting.