My main medium that I use is oil and watercolor. I occasionally venture out and use mixed media such as raw materials, wood, and metals. I am like an ocean always changing what I am creating and thinking. I can not stay stagnant in one place or moment for very long. I do however like to play with colors, experiment different brush strokes and textures. I am always inspired by living things and their expressions, appearance and form in a space. Emotions drive much of my work. I am extremely sensitive and in tune with others emotions. I tend to reflect my emotions in my paintings. Recently my focus has changed gears from past work. I work in the medical field as an ICU RN which is a stressful and intense atmosphere. I deal with very sick people who circle the drain of death quite often and with that comes a high intensity of emotions, ethics, opinions and beliefs. I have encountered the melting pot of humanity, miracles, tragedies, and many many uncertainties. I have two sides of me. The free spirited soul who believes in innate goodness and the forced realist, that sometimes fairy tales are just fairy tales. Life is complicated, life is hard and life is bitter sweet. My art work is inspired by all of this. I paint what keeps us going, what is beautiful, what we live for and I paint the messy. The areas of life that are challenged, in the gray area, complicated and forever challenging us as human beings.

What I hope most to achieve from my work is getting people to think and question themselves, their actions, their existence among themselves and others in this present world. Are we living now and/or for tomorrow?  For ourselves or for others? Does happiness come from the dollar or the next latest and greatest?  When facing death does it all matter? What does it mean to believe in something?  Beauty, happiness and peace comes from within all of us and our surroundings...right?  This world will be what we create it to be.  We have a choice and what we choose will define are world. Will it be about you or about us all? These are the question I want to pose. Do you like the world we live in because we as human beings have one by one created it.